Thursday, July 2nd 2015

Regency Keynote lecture
Zoltan Takats Direct Metabolic Profiling of Tissues, Cell Cultures and Microorganisms by Ambient Mass Spectrometry - From Fundamentals to Medical Diagnostics
Regency Metabolomic methods
Tomoyoshi Soga CE-MS metabolomics and application to cancer cell metabolism
Karl Burgess Application of a novel GC-Orbitrap instrument to untargeted metabolomics to detect biomarkers for time of death in a rat model
John A. McLean Targeting the untargeted: Structural mass spectrometry for the analysis of complex samples in systems, synthetic, and chemical biology
Zijuan Lai Annotation of novel metabolites in various biological systems using accurate mass GC/QTOF MS and validated fragmentation rules
Philip Britz-McKibbin Multiplexed Separations for Metabolomics: An Accelerated Data Workflow for Biomarker Discovery in Cystic Fibrosis
Grand CB Food and Health
Joseph Rothwell The polyphenol metabolome and its measurement in the in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) study
William Edmands Mining the Human "Conjugatomeā€¯ for Exposome-Wide Association Studies (EWAS).
Tomas Cajka LC-SWATH-MS-based lipidomics for nutritional metabolic phenotyping in response to a dietary challenge containing gamma-linolenic acid
Raquel Cumeras Detection of fungal metabolites using non-invasive techniques from Gallus gallus domesticus eggs.
Aoife O'Gorman Exploring the links between diet and health: A lipidomic approach.
Grand GF Systems biology of cancer metabolism
Andrew Lane Antagonistic effects of MYC and hypoxia in channeling glucose and glutamine into de novo nucleotide biosynthesis
Thomas Hankemeier Studying individual differences in cancer drug efficacy using cell lines derived from patients
Ulrike Rennefahrt Metabolite profiling reveals the glutathione biosynthetic pathway as a therapeutic target in triple negative breast cancers
Tokuwa Kanno Integration of 1D-HRMAS-NMR and Transcriptome Data Reveals Novel Therapeutic Targets of Rho/ROCk Driven Melanoma Metastasis
Luisa Doria A systems biology approach for the classification of ovarian cancer specimens by desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry
Regency Special Invited Session - Metabolon
John Ryals Metabolomic technology advancements breathe life into personalized medicine
Regency Keynote lecture
Jie Luo Recent advance in forward-genetics-based interactive functional genomics and metabolomics
Regency Awards session
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