Wednesday, July 1st 2015

Grand CB Breakfast session - Leco & Gerstel
Oliver Fiehn Large scale analysis of primary and volatile metabolism by GC-TOF MS
Regency Keynote lecture
Ben Cravatt Mapping biochemical pathways in human disease by integrated proteomics and metabolomics
Regency Compound identification
Emma Schymanski Exploring Cheminformatic Approaches for Compound Identification using High Resolution Tandem Mass Spectrometry Data
Tobias Kind Advances in in-silico prediction methods of mass spectra for improved metabolite identifications
Sebastian Böcker Searching molecular structure databases with tandem mass spectra using CSI:FingerID
Ralf Weber Optimal multi-stage fragmentation strategies for untargeted metabolite annotation: an experimental and computational assessment
Robert Mistrik Metabolomics meets quantum chemistry: a novel strategy towards reliable computer-assisted structure elucidation of metabolites
Grand CB Diabetes and the metabolic syndrome
Isabel Bondia-Pons Lipidome as a predictive tool in progression to type 2 diabetes in Finnish men
Weidong Zhang Metabolomics analysis reveals that arginine is depleted in knee osteoarthritis patients
Annalaura Mastrangelo Bariatric surgery outcome predictors: evaluation of metabolic changes and food craving by a non-targeted metabolomics approach.
Kelli Sas Altered metabolic nutrient utilization and mitochondrial dysfunction characterizes diabetic nephropathy
Kallyandra Padilha Serum metabolomic profile of diabetic Brazilian individuals
Grand GF Repair biochemistry and novel pathways
Andrew Hanson Metabolite damage and its repair or pre-emption
Daniel C Sevin Proteome-wide in vitro analysis of enzyme promiscuity in Escherichia coli using nontargeted metabolomics
Markus Keller The role of non-enzymatic metabolic reactions during origin and evolution of metabolism and their impact on modern metabolic networks.
Carole Linster Enzyme function discovery in the post-genomic era
Gary Patti Can 2-deoxyglucose be metabolized? An isotope-based metabolomic analysis
Grand CB Luncheon - Metanomics Health
Ralf Looser Two decades of high throughput metabolomics
Marie Evangelista Metabolomics-based cell-line profiling in early drug research
B. van Ravenzwaay Developing safer drugs faster - the MetaMap Tox experience
P. Schatz From biomarker candidate to new clinical routine diagnostics
Grand GF Luncheon - Sciex
Dr. Baljit Ubhi
Dr. Steve Watkins
Next Generation Lipidomics: An Automated Solution that Rapidly Identifies and Quantitates Over a Thousand Molecular Species
Grand ADE Poster Session 3
  data processing
  metabolomic methods
  human diseases, animals + insects
  pathways & microbial metabolism
Regency Healthy aging
Hannelore Daniel Food meets human metabolism
Jonas Zierer Metabolomics profiling reveals novel marker for leukocyte telomere length
Nicholas Rattray The fRaill Project – Investigating Ageing and Frailty in Later Life using Untargeted Serum Metabolomics
Julijana Ivanisevic Metabolomics Implicates Warburg Metabolism in the Aging Brain
Bruce Watkins Interplay of nutrition and metabolomics to identify characteristic metabolite features that support healthy aging
Grand CB Epidemiology
Cornelia M. Ulrich Metabolomics and Prospective Cohorts:  How to Leverage Resources, including WHI-OS and ColoCare
Francesco Savorani Forecasting individual breast cancer risk using plasma NMR-Metabolomics and biocontours
Saskia Decuypere Innovating diagnosis of bacterial bloodstream infections in malaria-endemic settings: from disease metabolomics to rapid diagnostic tests
Kamlage Beate A novel  plasma based metabolic biomarker for the differentiation of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma carcinoma (PDAC) from chronic pancreatitis (CP)
Warwick Dunn Severe Burn Injuries: Applying Metabolomics to Study Longitudinal Changes, and Prediction of clinical outcomes
Grand GF Plant metabolism
Sunitha Shiva Identification of genes and enzymes responsible for the stress-induced modification of membrane lipids in Arabidopsis thaliana
Wolfram Weckwerth Ecological Metabolomics – from model systems in the lab to natural populations in the field
Lei Wang Integration of metabolomics and proteomics to understand the molecular physiology of cacao beans during ripening
Georg Jander Metabolomic and transcriptomic responses of maize to aphid feeding
Kris Morreel Glycosylated lignin oligomers are stored in Arabidopsis leaf vacuoles.
Regency Compound identification and databases
Antoni Aguilar-Mogas iMet: A new tool for the annotation of unknown metabolites
Gert Wohlgemuth MassBank of North America: an open access metadata-centric, auto-curating repository for mass spectra from different instrument platforms
Eoin Fahy Metabolomics Workbench, an international data repository for metabolomics data and metadata, metabolite standards, protocols, analysis tools, tutorials and training
James Jeffryes MINEs: Open access databases of computationally predicted enzyme promiscuity products for untargeted metabolomics
Hiroshi Tsugawa MS-FINDER: Integrated Strategy for Structure Elucidation on LC-MS/MS by using Chemo- and Bioinformatics Resources
Grand CB Diseases of the central nervous system
Rima Kaddurah-Daouk A Systems Approach to the Study of Alzheimer's Disease and Its Progression
John Newman Metabolomic Investigation of Human Stress Response Phenotypes in a Controlled Feeding and Induced Stress Paradigm
Christophe Junot Cerebrospinal fluid metabolomics highlights alteration of multiple metabolic pathways in patients with hepatic encephalopathy.
Anna Wuolikainen Multi-platform metabolite profiling of CSF and plasma from individually matched patients with sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and controls.
Kefeng Li Metabolomic Analysis of Antipurinergic Treatment in the Fragile X (Fmr1 knockout) Mouse Model of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Grand GF mQTL : metabolism and genetics
Karsten Suhre Genetics meets Metabolomics: human metabolic individuality in biomedical and pharmaceutical research
Marc-Emmanuel Dumas Bayesian Tissue mQTL Mapping Reveals the Genetic Architecture of Housekeeping Regulatory Mechanisms and Organ-Specific Differentiation of Metabotypes in the Rat.
Sarah Cherkaoui Predicting the impact of disease-associated genes on metabolites : A systematic approach based on pathway mapping of mGWAS data.
Johannes Raffler A genome-wide association study with NMR metabolomics identifies 15 genetic loci with hitherto unknown urinary metabolic trait associations
Laura K. Reed Quantitative trait locus mapping of genotype-by-diet interactions for metabolomic profiles underlying Metabolic Syndrome in Drosophila.