Tuesday, June 30th 2015

Grand CB Breakfast session - Biocrates
Denise Sonntag Metabolic Phenotyping in Translational Research
Therese Koal  
Regency Keynote lecture
Anne Osbourn Harnessing plant metabolic diversity
Regency Lung and cardiovascular diseases
Stanley Hazen Therapeutic approaches targeting gut microbial contribution to cardiometabolic disease
Nichole Reisdorph Metabolomics in Translational Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Research
Philipp Schatz Development of a Metabolomics-Based In Vitro Diagnostic for Early Stage Heart Failure and its Translation into a Clinical Test
Yasmeen Nkrumah-Elie Sphingolipid metabolism is altered in identical twin pairs that are discordant for asthma
Dean Jones High-resolution metabolomics of cardiovascular disease: Linking health exposures and disease phenotype
Grand CB Novel use of isotope labels
Darren Creek Determination of active metabolic pathways in haematopoietic stem cell-derived reticulocytes with stable isotope labelled metabolomics
Bernhard Kluger A stable isotopic labeling assisted approach for the preparation and LC-HRMS based characterization of plants and filamentous fungi
Malcolm McConville Dissection of the carbon and energy metabolism of parasitic protozoa using 13C-and 2H-stable isotope resolved metabolomics
Christin Zasada Quantifying metabolic fluxes in cancer and stem cells
Katharina Nöh Implementing 13C-Metabolic Flux Analysis in an Industrial Environment: Detailed Intracellular Insights in Penicillin V production with P. chrysogenum
Grand GF Data processing
Timothy Ebbels A Workflow For Processing and Integrating Multi-Cohort, Multi-Platform, Untargeted Metabolomics Data In Large Scale Metabolic Epidemiology: the COMBI-BIO Project
Paolo Inglese Semi-supervised analysis of 3D mass spectrometry imaging data-sets for tumour heterogeneity exploration
Tomáš Pluskal Mass Spectrometry Development Kit (MSDK): an open-source Java library for mass spectrometry data processing
Andrew Palmer Translating molecular information from HR imaging MS data: towards spatial annotation of the cellular metabolome
Nazanin Zounemat Kermani Spatially resolved metabolomic phenotyping of stromal tissues in breast, colorectal and ovarian cancer by desorption electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry imaging
Grand CB Luncheon - Agilent
Theo Sana et al Agilent's Metabolomics Showcase Results: How We Did It
Grand GF Luncheon - Thermo Scientific
Reiko Kiyonami Increased throughput, sensitivity and confidence for metabolomics research using an new tribrid Orbitrap mass spectrometer
Karl Burgess Analytical methodologies for high throughput, robust metabolomics with Orbitrap technology
Grand ADE Poster Session 2
  compound ID & databases
  environment & exposure
  healthy aging
  metabolic syndrome
  pathways & microbial metabolism
  human diseases, infections
Regency Cancer metabolism in human subjects
Caroline Johnson Correlating Colorectal Cancer with Biofilm Metabolism
William Wikoff Pre-diagnostic Biomarkers and Clinical Biochemistry of Lung Cancer in Blood and Tumor Tissue
Elodie Jobard NMR investigation of targeted therapy effects on the host metabolism for HER-2 positive breast cancer
Teresa Fan Stable Isotope Resolved Metabolomics (SIRM) on Fresh Human Tissue Slices as a Preclinical Drug Testing Platform
Ismael Dale to be determined
Grand CB Environmental & human exposure studies
Pim Leonards An in vivo metabolomic approach for developmental neurotoxic effects by pesticides, combining cognitive and motor function effects with metabolomic pathways
Serge Rudaz Evaluation and identification of dioxin exposure biomarkers using UHPLC-QTOF, multivariate analysis and in vitro metabolism
Sara Tufi Exploring surface water extract toxicity and its link to pesticides mixture toxicity in Lymnaea Stagnalis by targeted and untargeted metabolomics
Sandra Gouveia-Figueira Shifts in Human Lung Lavage and Plasma Lipidome in Response to Biodiesel Exhaust Exposure Investigated by Quantitative Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Douglas Walker High resolution metabolomics to identify PBB 153 exposure associated metabolic alterations in vivo
Grand GF Plant databases and plant systems biology
Mark Sumarah Discovery of novel antibiotics from fungal endophytes by comprehensive LC-MS based metabolomics
Ilana Rogachev Advancing Metabolite Identification in Plant Extracts by the Use of a Large-Scale Reference Library
Feng Qiu Development of Plant Metabolite Annotation Toolbox (PlantMAT) to Increase the Chemical Space and Identification Confidence for Plant Metabolomics
Atsushi Fukushima Development of metabolite-profiling database in Arabidopsis: AtMetExpress – Meta-analysis of metabolome data
Katrin Brauner Signal processing as a systems biology tool to uncover diurnal regulation of sink-source interactions based on metabolite profiles
Regency Pharmacometabolomics
Mohamed Shahin Integrating Metabolomics, Transcriptomics, and Genomics Reveals Novel Signatures Associated with Hydrochlorothiazide Blood Pressure Response
Balmiki Ray Genetic Variation in the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AHR) Gene and Kynurenine Levels in Major Depressive Disorder: Pharmacometabolomics-Informed Pharmacogenomics
Laura M. Yerges Genome Wide Association Analysis with Amine Metabolites Reveals Novel Loci Impacting Human Metabolomic Profiles
Drew Neavin Pharmacometabolomics reveals SOD2 as a tryptophan metabolite ratio regulator associated with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor response in major depressive disorder.
Douglas Kell A human metabolic network reconstruction reveals the metabolite-likeness of approved pharmaceutical drugs: a 'rule of 0.5'
Grand CB Imaging and MS-integration methods
Alfredo J. Ibanez Benefits and Pitfalls of a single-cell level metabolomics technique: 5 years of Microarrays for Mass Spectrometry
Kerem Bingol The SUMMIT MS/NMR Method for the Rapid Identification of New Metabolites in Complex Mixtures
Alison McGuigan TRACER: A novel strategy for assessing metabolomic signatures from cells in 3D heterogeneous microenvironments
Basil Nikolau Mass Spectrometric Imaging of Plant Metabolites
Trent Northen Kinetic Mass Spectrometry Imaging
Grand GF Pathways and microbial metabolism
Uwe Sauer Near real-timing metabolome profiling reveals dynamics and regulation of the starvation to growth transition in E. coli
Andreas Kühne Identification of sites and timings of metabolic regulations from metabolite profiling data using probabilistic graphical modelling
Eun Ju Yun The first elucidation of the novel metabolic pathway of 3,6-anhydro-L-galactose by integrative analyses of metabolome and transcriptome
Sarah Schatschneider Metabolic Pathway Profiling of Clostridium autoethanogenum for Sustainable Biofuel Production
Yifan Xu Toward a comprehensive understanding of cellular metabolism